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About us

Thierry Nocente - the craftsman

Thierry Nocente is the managing director of the family-run business and oversees the value chain of the company.
He coordinates the company's activities in accordance with product specifications, adhering to the strictest deadlines.
He works closely with our clients' design engineering departments, as well as with the plastics engineers who mass-produce the parts.

As a result of thirty years of experience, Thierry Nocente has acquired expertise in a range of interdependent and complementary fields, including kinematics for mold design, plastics processing and material behavior, strength of materials and mold heating.

His objective is to guarantee the customized production of single pieces, to ensure future industrial production runs smoothly with high-quality results.


Nocente has 3-axis machining centers and HSM (high-speed machining) centers capable of machining plates up to 2,000 x 1,000

Equipped with the latest die-sinking machines combined with wire erosion machines, drilling and grinding machines, Nocente is fully autonomous.

We have the latest in high-performance, machining tools. Regular investments in equipment ensure we can provide flexibility and more reliable lead times for tool production. We have reached a high level of reactivity and adaptability in production management thanks to the versatility and skill range of our technicians.

Design engineering department

A fully-equipped design engineering department with CAD/CATIA, Solidworks and Topsolid.
A high-performance CAM/WorkNC department.
Cutting-edge equipment.

We can handle the overall management of your projects including:

Nocente helps you to define and optimize your plastic parts, with rheology studies and choice of plastic materials, with prototype mold and production mold studies, with the production of final mold plans and client validation. Expertise in multiple impressions, hot block, shutter, dual material, overmolding, molds for clean rooms.

Our integrated design engineering department develops and models your idea, transforming it into a finished product!