Performance is the goal

  • Like you, we are always looking for the most innovative and efficient technologies. At Nocente, our expertise in computer-aided design and manufacturing systems is a key strategic element.
  • Our design engineering department fully exploits these high-tech tools for our industrial clients. As a result, we are able to process your requests quickly and efficiently. But our passionate motivation does not stop there. We know your priority is anticipating future challenges.
  • Nocente is your ideal preferred partner in that quest. We simplify research and various other operations to help you develop your products.

Our services

Cutting-edge technology

We develop cutting-edge technology for Thermoplastics, Thermosetting plastics and Composites

Integrated design engineering department

Our integrated design engineering office develops and models your idea, transforming it into a finished product

A cost-effective partnership

Nocente has offshore machining solutions to offer our clients competitive prices

Rapid service

Nocente is reactive in handling modifications and repairs to provide you with the best possible service

The significance of our vocation

Created in 1973 in Voiron, in the Rhône Alpes region of France, Nocente has always specialized in designing and manufacturing molds for Thermoplastic and Thermosetting plastics, Compression and Injection.
Nocente has specialized equipment for machining tools for technical shaped molds, ranging from small pieces to units weighing up to 10 tons.

Creation, innovation and training are at the forefront of business development. During these times of difficult economic competition and technological turmoil, Nocente strives for quality production and commercial success.

Despite the major evolution taking place in the industry, we must continue to anticipate how the products of tomorrow will be produced. Our actions, choices and performance are guided by this priority because innovation is our reason for being.