Plastic injection mold design


Project Maintenance

1. Design & conception

Assist product development

2D & 3D modeling of parts
Rapid prototyping of parts
  • Assistance in defining and optimizing your plastic parts
  • Rheology study and choice of plastic materials
  • Moldflow study
CLIENT VALIDATION MOLD to produce the part
Modeling the mold
Product testing
  • Kinematic study of the mold including optimization of feeding, cooling, ejection and speed.
  • 2D plan validation
3D plan validation by the client

2. Manufacturing

Computer-Assisted Manufacturing
Machining at the Voiron site
Machining by offshore partners

Nocente has chosen partners to offer the best value for money for quality tooling.

Finishing at Voiron

Nocente takes full responsibility for the project

  •   Mold study carried out at the Voiron site
  •   Supervision of manufacturing
  •   Analysis and supply of sample parts
  •   Inspection of the mold in our workshop before delivery
  •   Modifications and final adjustments in our workshop

Tooling is therefore produced to the design and standards usually performed by Nocente.

  • Wax injection testing
Surface finishing
  • Polyglass
  • Chemical grinding or laser engraving
  • Sandblasting
  • Polishing

3. Final stages

Supply of the first parts (samples)

Transfer of injection parameters
  • Modifications required by product evolution
    On molds manufactured by Nocente or third-party molds
  • Repairs
    On molds manufactured by Nocente or third-party molds